Something I Find Challenging

When most people are asked “what do you find challenging?”, a lot of people will often say “waking up in the morning” or “trying not to fall asleep in Mr. Lickers class during a Neil DeGrasse Tyson video”. I’m quite compelled to agree with them actually, Neil DeGrasse isn’t exactly all that exciting. Outside of those examples however, something I find more challenging than them are trying to maintain my long distance relationship. No, it’s not just some short distance like from Geraldton to Nipigon, which is something that a lot of people would consider a very long distance. I’m talking across the OCEAN. In Scotland. That’s what I consider long. For me, every day, it’s a struggle of trust and care. I have to trust him not to make foolish mistakes just as he has to trust in me to do the same. We have a level of care for each other that feels unmatched by any other pair in the world and it excites me to my core to feel that way. The reason I find this challenging however, is the toll it takes on us every day to be this distance away from each other. If one of us slips up and we end up getting into an argument, or even a misunderstanding of words through a text, it can send us spiraling through a myriad of emotions. But together we know that at the end of the day, we’ll be alright. No matter the stress level we reach.


Work needed to hand in

Argumentative Essay

Just Lather Thats All Essay (part 2-3)

Portable Phonograph Thoughts

Comparison Essay

Oh boy, sounds like tonight I have a buttload of work to do tonight.

Estimated Time of Completion: 9:00 Pm.

I wonder if I could hand these all in tonight on E-learning..

I’ll just sneak em all under Arguementative Essay. But then I’ll have to type up that Just Lather Essay.

Fun Fact!

If you scroll down, (don’t do it yet, you’re still reading this) you’ll notice is the bottom left corner that there is a music player. Just give it a click and listen to some “Hipster Swag”. You dig?

The first post! On the second night.

Well, I suppose its time to get this blog started huh? I should figure, because I was supposed to have this up yesterday. But that’s in the past and this is the now, amirite? Anyways, I just finished the personal essay, and decided to read ahead in “Cue for Treason”. Seems like an interesting book, and I’d like to dig a little further into it.